A Polish family cartoon for the youngest and their parents presenting the world of values based on Christian Heroes. It’s value-oriented cartoon whose target audience are children aged 6-13 (both boys and girls) and their parents. The mission of this project is to pass on to our children christian values that will help them to fight against the problems of the modern world. The common theme is the meeting of our children with a Saint who solves children’s problems by his own example. The series consist of two seasons of 13 episodes, with each episode being 11 minuses long (additional seasons are planed as well as an animated feature film).


Franek is a joyful daredevil with a good heart who is tempted by his friends and by other circumstance all the time. That’s why he often gets into trouble that for him seems to be impossible to get out of. In such moments Karol appears in front of him, together with the appropriate Saint who helps the boy to solve the problem on a given day. Franek learns the right attitude and Christian values with he should adopt and use in his life and which are universal for every human. He finds out that being a bad person is not worthwhile as evil begets more evil and only good creates more good. He gets to know among others the sense of forgiveness and the power of “I’m sorry”. He also finds out that the Saints were common people with all their weaknesses and flaws. In Frank’s everyday challenges there is also the Devil with his helpers – the losers – who, in the shape of Ravens, try to tempt Franek to their side and get him far away from Karol and the Saints. However, they are helpless when confronted, and that evokes growing frustration in them. 


written and directed by: Bartek Kędzierski (“Włatcy móch” / “The Lordz o’ Flys”)
producer: Paweł Pewny (Orange Animation) with the support of Polish Film Institute
originating broadcaster: Discovery Group (TVN, TVN7, Player.pl), Poland 2020