Horus Movies Animation

Sometimes a combination can result in so much more than a simple sum. When we combine experience, talent, knowledge, and accomplishments – new possibilities are not just a sum, they raise in power. This is the case of fusion of experience and world-class skills in a broadly understood animation and the accomplishments of film studio that produced the last great film by one of the most talented directors in the world.

Horus Movies Animation is a film studio that was created by combining Orange Animations with over 20 years of experience in creating short and full-length animation productions for a number of European markets and Horus Films which has produced, among others, the famous film by Roman Polański „J’accuse!”. The synthesis of experience, talent and vast knowledge allowed to create a studio where possibilities in the field of classic animation, 3D animation and post-production are practically unlimited.


Ul. Odysei 29, 43-344 Bielsko-Biała, Poland
ul. Puławska 359, 02-801 Warsaw, Poland
ul. Chelmska 21/8c, 00-724 Warsaw, Poland